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Guidelines For The Care Of Sheep At World Sheep Shearing Record Attempts

Download a pdf of the guidelines ready to print here

The care and welfare of sheep at sheep shearing record attempts is of paramount importance. In light of this, the following guidelines have been developed to assist those who organise attempts in implementing procedures that aid sheep care and welfare, monitor and record incidents that may arise. It is envisaged that ongoing documentation and collation of this data will assist in identifying and minimizing animal welfare concerns ensuing best practises are shared and implemented. Responsibilities for meeting these guidelines will lie with the person assigned the task of animal care. In most cases, this is likely to be the convener or someone appointed by the working referees. Relevant sheep care issues include the following:
  • Appropriate access to water.
  • Access to shelter where necessary.
  • Use of sheep that are fit for the purpose.
  • Injury control and/or management.

Download a pdf of the guidelines ready to print here