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4 Stand Record Holders

A report of all record attempts after 2013 along with the Referees who officiated can be found in Archives, Past Record Attempts.
(C) denotes Convener

8 Hour Four Stand Records

Strong Wool Lambs 8 Hour 4 Stand
NAMES:John Kirkpatrick 650, Leon Samuels 648, James Mack 643 and Eru Weeds 615
LOCATION:Centre Hill Station, Mossburn, Southland. New Zealand.
REFEREES: Mark Baldwin (C), Eddie Archer, Paul Harris, John Hough, Colin Gibson, Ian Buchanan, John Fagan, Hugh McCarroll
DATE: 05/2/2013

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9 Hour Four Stand Records

Strong Wool Lambs 9 Hour 4 Stand
NAMES:Roger Neil 710, Beau Guelfi 713, Cartwright Terry 734 and James Fagan 740
LOCATION:Waihi-Poukawa Station, Turangi. New Zealand.
REFEREES: Tony Abbey (C) until morning tea, Colin Gibson thereafter, John Hough, Ian Buchanan, Doug Oliver, Hugh McCarroll, John Fagan (after morning tea)
  Record was put back a day because of rain --- Tony was flying home to Perth later that day, 21st.
DATE: 21/12/2007

Strong Wool Lambs Women’s 9 Hour 4 Stand
NAMES:Megan Whitehead 608, Sarah Higgins 528, Natalya Rangiawha 507, Amy Silcock 423
LOCATION:Waihi-Pukawa Station, Omori, Turangi, N.Z.
DATE: 23/01/2020

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